One of the most important moment in our woman's life is the marriage. And yes, ladies! The CrowdStar team made this thing happen in our favorite game! Your boyfriend can propose if you finish the Cruise's mission (but in my case, I got the propose with 6/8 instead 8/8).

The tasks are quite easy, only the "Buy All Rare Cruise Garments" could give you some problems if you do not have enough money (but here you can find 6 ways to earn It Girl cash), and I will give you some tips to finish them faster.

The Rare Garments you have to buy:

For the first task, "Tan 3 Times", you can have two options and the choice is yours: the first one, you can tan one time every day and finish the task in 3 days, or you can use powerups and finish it in one day. (I recommend you to use the power up in the photo in the right - Romantic Massage) You can tan in two places:

The "Share 5 Souvenire Photos" task you can do it in less than 1 minute. All you have to do is to click on the photographer at the top of the ship. You just have to select the "Take Photo".

For the "Go On 3 Cruise Dates" you can wait three days to date your boyfriend (but don't forget to be in Cruise when you date him) or you can use Date Now using diamonds. But is more likely to wait three days. Cruise dates are only 10+ happiness. And for the "Get to Going Steady Status", you have to wait some days.

For "Go Scuba Diving" task you just have to send invitations to your friends (if you do not have more It Girl-friends-players you can send invitation more than once to the same persons)

To Finish the "Win 1000-6000$ Gambling" (the amount of money you have to win depends on your level; for the very lower levels is 1000$ and maximum level is 6000$), go to the Cruise Casino and here you have a tutorial for how to earn money at HighLow. But you can also Play Roulette. (the most common places are between 9 and 16)

For the last task, "Win 6 Cruise Parties", you can complete the task in a day. The parties are changing every 7 hours.

And that's it! Your BF will propose (but you can refuse him instead).

I got mine 5/8 ^_^

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