Hey there!Edit

Hey guys! Welcome to this up-and coming Wiki! I'm hoping we can get stuff started here so we can get some useful info on here.

One of the things that we are going to need are item/store pages. We're also going to need some photos (i.e. screenshots) of some of the items, store fronts, whatnot and soforth. I would LOVE it if we could get some higher level It Girls over here too to help out, since this project is going to take a LOT of work. We're going to need to cooperate and help each other out as much as we can.

One of the ground rules I would like to put down is No Editing Wars. I hate editing wars, and that's the last thing we need is to be fighting amongst ourselves when we're trying to be helpful. So none of that, please, ladies.

Most of the wiki-code stuff is in the toolbar on the Edit page, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to code everything. It's actually fairly simple stuff too.

Basically, we need the woman-power to get this thing to be a good wiki. So, let's get together, have fun, and make this happen!

One more piece of advice: It is probably best to try and use as much proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar as possible. I will be going over those types of things (I'm a bit of a spelling/grammar fanatic), but do try your best. I do understand that some of our It Girls do not speak/write English as their first language, so I will be will to help as much as possible. And above all, have fun! Kyla Meserve 05:23, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

See? Even I make mistakes >.< That was supposed to say "I will be willing to help" - oops  Kyla  Talk  Contribs  It Girl  16:35,4/11/2011 

Editing the WikiEdit

If you guys make an edit, please go to the Talk page and give a reason as to why it was edited. It would also be cool if you could login so we know who's editing what. Love ya!  Kyla  Talk  Contribs  It Girl  20:33,4/11/2011 


Just in case anyone is interested, we need images and info on select Premium stores. Feel free to help us out.

Even if it is non-related info when it comes to premium store, you are welcome to contribute in any case! :D

Hope you find it useful! :)

LadyGryphonInia (talk) 11:15, June 10, 2013 (UTC)LadyGryphonInia

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