This list will help players decide, date & keep track of the unique gifts which a boyfriend can give. Basically, this list will allow you to never date a man with the same gifts twice, send requests for a specific man beforehand & it will allow you to collect all items there are. In one word: good planning.

It goes without saying that more item sets will be added as soon as more boyfriends are dated & new boyfriend gifts discovered. Currently, there are 42 unique gift sets; one simply misses the images. However, based on items seen in It or Miss, there are more unique sets available to players. They simply need to be found.

N.B. This list is incomplete yet, because the parent article about all boyfriend gifts  here is still undergoing construction.

Use the parent page to find out which category a boyfriend belongs to to date him.

The List:Edit

Boyfriends With a Unique Set

(click on any boyfriend and you will be taken to his respective category)

The Gift Set

(the full 5 gifts)

1. Entrepreneur, Paper Salesman, Stalker, Principal, Pro Weight Lifter, Olympic Swimmer,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest173

Set Discovered By Doris W.

2. VIP of Marketing, Network Executive, Secret Agent,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest175

Set Discovered By Doris W.

3. Bank Manager, Car Rim Salesman, Yoga Instructor, Language Translator, Blackjack Dealer, Powerline Inspector, Lion Tamer,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports December 201643
4. Car Washer, Dog Walker, Peach Harvester, Sewer Inspector, Burger Flipper, Cutter of Meat, Regional Sales Director, Door-to-Door Salesman,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest176
5. Reality Show Star, Stand-up Comedian, Olympic Fencer, Optometrist, Moocher, Reality Show Star, Vending Machines Owner, Helicopter Chauffeur,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest191
6. Hair Stylist, Marathon Runner, Shoplifter,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports August 2011000000237

Set Discovered By MaryJones

7. Cat Food Quality Tester, Pig Farmer, Shoe Salesman, Florist, VCR Repairman, Radio Personality, Private Secretary,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest205
8. Classical Cellist, Pharmacist, Marine Biologist, Orthodontist,  
It Girl Game Facebook Crowdstar Image 000000131
9. Inventor, Public Company President, Yacht Enthusiast, Serial Killer, Senator,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest186
10. High End Car Thief, Foreign Policy Advisor, Smooth Operator, 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest204
11. Potato Chip Inspector, High School Chemistry Teacher, Substitute Teacher, Computer Technician, Social Gaming Engineer, Street Vendor,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest209
12. Luxury Casino Owner, Emperor, Nascar Driver, Hall of Famer,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest208

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

13. Architect, Skydiver, Movie Director, CIA Agent, Archaeologist, Magazine Editor,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest219

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

14. Mountain Climber, Pro Athlete,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest207
15. Graphic Designer,Plastic Surgeon, Drummer, 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest202
16. Bestselling Author, Private Investigator, Replica Watch Seller,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest197

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

17. Talk Radio Pundit, Law Firm Partner, 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest199
18. Professional Golfer, Underwear Model, Movie Producer,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest201
19. Rapper, Investment Banker, Sound Technician,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest198
20. Peace Prize Winner, Real Estate Mogul, Prince Charming, 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest196
21. Modern Artist, Sous-Chef, Pool Cleaner, News Anchor, Poker Player,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest220
22. Anesthesiologist, Elvis Impersonator, Portrait Artist, Policy Maker, 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest195
23. Roulette Expert, Veterinary Nurse, Calculus Teacher, Hipster, Blueberry Farmer, Calttle Herder,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest192
24. Hollywood Movie Producer, Screenwriter, SWAT Trooper, Literature Professor,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest174
25. Pastry Chef, Retail Manager, Violinist, Bartender, App Developer,
Items Set from Boyfriend Pastry Chef
26. Show Host, International DJ, Photographer, Sausage Maker, Beat Poet, Coffee Shop Regular, Restaurant Host, Failed Author, Video Poker Addict,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports August 2011000000190
27. Duke of York, Wizard, White Knight, National Hero,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest189

28. Decorated General, Nobel Prize Winner, Basketball Star, Heir,

Big Budget Movie Director,

ItGirl Game Item of Interest188
29. Superhero, Arabian Prince,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest187

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

30. Pirate , Jeweler, Paparazzi, Branch Manager, Tractor Salesman, Tattoo Artist,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest185

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

31. Ice Cream Vendor, Garbage Collector, Personal Trainer, House Painter, Valet Parking Attendant, Street Beggar, Cabana Boy,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest184
32. Food Critic, Private Jet Pilot, Professional Photographer, Schoolboard President, Ballet Choreographer, Computer Technician,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest183
33. Lightening Rod Installer, Struggling Actor, Sports Car Salesman, Nutritionist, VIP Club Host. Academic Tutor,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest182
34. Dishwasher, Plumber, Unemployed, Gas Station Attendant, Janitor
ItGirl Game Item of Interest181
35. Stuntman, Psychologist,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest180

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

36. Bank Robber, Race Car Driver, Cardiologist,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest179
37. Auto Mechanic, Postmaster, Wine Maker, Gym Fanatic, Chimney Sweeper, Cowboy, Hot Life Guard,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest178
38. Bank Teller, Club Bouncer, Crawfish Catcher, Limo Driver, Postman, Window Cleaner, 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest177
39. Pizza Delivery Boy, Senior Accountant, College Counselor, Judge, Pesticide Exterminator, Failed Entrepreneur, Trailer Park Manager,  
ItGirl Game Item of iInterest211
40. Clean Tech Investor, Policeman, Alpaca Shearer, Pilot, Full Time Blogger,
It Girl Crowdstar Boyfriend Unique Set 157478724
41. Gynecologist, Figure Skater, Psychiatrist, Army Captain,
Boyfriend Gift Set 32847 new

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

42. CEO, Math Genius, Molecular Biologist, Media Mogul, Escaped Convict, Street Racer,
ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports March 201187

Set Discovered by Doris W.

43. Marines, Fireman, Opera Singer,
BF set 856987

Set First Discovered By Doris W.

44. Quantum Physicist, Rocket Scientist, Gemologist, Presidential Candidate,  
ItGirl Game Item of Innterest Star Imports March 2011156

Image Courtesy of IziEzi Bell. Discovery belongs to IziEzi too!

45. Derivatives Trader, Fashion Photographer, Franchise Owner, Glass Blower, Social Worker,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest No 000000103

Thanks to MaryJones for discovering this unique set for the very first time!

46. Dentist, Real Estate Agent, Philanthropist, Diamond Cutter, Hip Hop Dancer, Code Hacker,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest No 000000111

Courtesy Goes to Mimi Kitt for discovering the set 1st!

47. Hollywood Star, Cinematographer, Venture Capitalist, CGI Effects Artist,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest No 000000112

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia

48. Male Nurse, Card Counter, Starving Artist, Phd Student, Kickboxer, 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest No 000000127

Set First Discovered By Mimi Kitt

49. Animator, Flight Attendant, Wax FIgure Maker, Flying Trapeze Artist,  
It Girl Item of Interest 5168998179189

Discovered by LadyGryphonInia

50. Renaissance Man, Air Traffic Controller, Motocross Racer,  
ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports August 2011000000236

Set Discovered By MaryJones.

51. Billionaire, Oil Tycoon, Earl of Graystone, Famed Philanthropist,

Discovered by MaryJones.

52. Diamond Trader, Medal of Honor Winner, Marquis of Lancaster, Hopeless Romantic,  

Unique Gift Set 15873241

First Discovered By NaoRo.

53. Fashion Designer, Ambassador, Famous Singer, Rockband Lead Singer, Prime Minister,
New Unique Set 86395713sfd

Set Discovered By LadyGryphonInia.

Special/Uncategorized Men:Edit

Boyfriends With a Unique Set The Gift Set

1. Name Pending (Vampire) Halloween Town Special Boyfriend

N.B. Halloween Town men carry 6 gifts instead of the usual 5. The sets are made of 2 already existing sets which can be acquired from regular boyfriends. These men do give several unique confidence & energy boosters, though.


Image & Discovery Courtesy of Mimi Kitt.

2. Wild Woods Runner (Werewolf) Halloween Town Special Boyfriend

N.B. Halloween Town men carry 6 gifts instead of the usual 5. "The sets are made of 2 already existing sets which can be acquired from regular boyfriends." These men do give several unique confidence & energy boosters, though.

ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports December 20170

Set Discovered By Dawn Williams.

3. Symphony Conductor, Defense Attorney, Famous Sculptor,

ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports August 2011000000371

Set Discovered by NaoRo

4. Sumo Wrestling Coach, Tokyo Stock Trader, Antiquities Smuggler, Prince of Harajuku,

ItGirl Game Item of Interest210
5. Arctic Explorer, Award-winning Producer,
BF Unique Set 2345678998765
6. Four Star General, 
Unique Set 6547780292
7. Tea House President, 
Boyfriend Unique Set 8568988987
8 . Maverick, Jockey, Professional Rugby Player,


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