Shopping is one of the main focuses in It Girl. You go shopping to buy clothing so you can go to parties. You compete in shut downs at parties to earn Cash and Experience to buy more clothes and level up.

Where to shopEdit

Each shop is located is a different area of each City. When you level up, you gain access to new shops, areas, and clothing. Each shop has different pieces of clothing available, each piece with a different hotness value. You use cash to buy clothing at stores.


To find which clothing is available in the store that day, you need to search the racks. Searching a rack uses one Energy. When you search a rack, you will find a piece of clothing usually specific to that store. Once you search a rack, you can no longer search that rack that day.


Each store restocks their racks at midnight. When it restocks, you will be able to search the racks again.


Each store has items that you can only find there. In order to complete that store's collection, you will need to find and buy every item in that store.

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