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In It Girl you can showdown with 10 random girls and win a respectful amount of money and xp.

In the picture to the left (which was shot at level 145; the top level at the moment), the rewards are 14,056 and 924 It Girl cash. This is for showdowning with 10 girls only. You will also get 10 x 40 xp per each and 10 x 154 cash.

If you have a boyfriend who gives you a cash bonus, you can receive as much as 5.500 It Girl cash per 10 rivals during level 145. It is less during smaller levels, but the amount is still quite respectable.

To get a new list of 10 girls, you must refresh the game (E.g. close it, open it in a new window).

The feature can be found in My Life > Rivals .

Along with parties, this isthe feature which allows to level up real fast through the game and collect lots of cash on the way. The catch is that you must showdown with the highest hotness clothing in your closet and actively spend cash on higher hotness items besides the regular clothes such as Miss LaShalle's , etc. Even if some are expensive, they will be worth it in the long run. 

IMPORTANT! Sometimes you encounter a player in 10 Rivals whose hotness is so much higher than yours that you lose to the girl every time. Refreshing the game does not make her disappear. Well...if you have no idea how to get rid of her, then we can help! :) Check the simple guide here below.

How to Beat an Unbeatable Girl Rival in 10 Rivals

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