In It Girl there are 2 types of stores: ordinary ones and premium ones.

Ordinary stores are available to all members for either level up, cash or members to unlock, while premium stores must be bought for diamonds/purchased for real money.

Some stores like the Kingdom of Fantasy and Sweet Lunatics disappear until next year's Halloween. However, if you see a person in It or Miss has any item in their outfit from these stores, they can be bought (you have to unlock the store first, though) and accessed all year round from Union Square! The only exception seems to be Lee Lee Vear. It actually stays in Las Vegas and one must request passes to search it.

1 premium store costs 99 facebook credits.

Premium StoresEdit

Las VegasEdit

  1. Lee Lee Vear

Galena StreetEdit

  1. Painted Sky
  2. LIFT
  3. Eclatant

Union SquareEdit

  1. ​Glitz Girls
  2. Delighted Sparkles
  3. Equinox
  4. Dusk Lolita

Halloween TownEdit

  1. ​Kingdom of Fantasy
  2. Sweet Lunatics

Maid of HonorEdit

  1. Catch the Bouquet
  2. Ostara's Gems


  1. Theresa Morgan
  2. Young Vintage
  3. Aurora L'Estrange
  4. Christine de Mignonne
  5. Dame Design 
  6. Esther Winters
  7. Jane Marilyn
  8. Floral Frenzy
  9. Momo Kisu


  1. Double Ex
  2. My Little Secret

Fifth AvenueEdit

  1. Hollywood in New York

Santa MonicaEdit

  1. Pixie Inks
  2. Volari

Melrose AvenueEdit

  1. Peach's Inks 
  2. Lilly's Pad

Galeries De ParisEdit

  1. Bellerophon


  1. ​Boutique Lumineuse

Oxford StreetEdit

  1. Dark Goldenrod


  1. 'Shibuya Sugar Baby


  1. Cipher
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