The following are the various guides which, if followed, will allow fast generation of xp (XP), money (Cash) and maximum diamonds (Diamonds). We will only post normal, non-hacker, gameplay advice and guide here.

It Girl Cash Generation Guide:Edit

  1. Collect your daily income. It might not be much, but it is still cash. The good news is: the more you level up, the more cash you will receive. However, if you rely on this method only, you will always be critically short on cash.
  2. Beat 10 Rivals in your RIvals list. You get a fixed amount of cash not only per rival beaten, but also a decent bonus once all 10 rivals are beaten. This is a very decent way to get a lot of cash. Top players (Level 145) with a 40% increase-in-cash boyfriend can get as much as 5500 Cash per 10 rivals! For lower level players the sum is proportionately smaller, but the sum is still more than decent for shopping needs.
  3. Get & keep a boyfriend which will give you a cash bonus. After around a week of keeping such a boyfriend, you can get as much as 40% bonus on all cash acquired!!! Do NOT pass such easy money by!
  4. Play Fashion Flipper. There are 5 flips total which give you free cash. Lots of it.
  5. Collect clothes items from your friends and sell extra items for decent cash. Collect especially high level items.
  6. Buy & Sell the specific Halloween Party shoes & Dress in the picture to the right via It or Miss from other players. Their
    • Thanks goes to Princess Ashella for pointing it out! :)
    • Thanks goes to Princess Ashella for pointing it out! :)
    selling price is much higher than their buying price and there is no limit on how many shoes or dresses you can buy and sell!!! Make sure to wear those shoes & dress often as well in your It or Miss submissions so that your clique members can benefit from the opportunity as well!
  7. Play the Casino Games, but exercise caution , because the odds are different every single day. You can win thousands or you could not even win more than a thousand in a single day. Out of all cash-making ways this is the least reliable one. Yet, there is a guide which can help you a lot. It relates to the HI-LO game & can be found here
  8. And finally you can sell the Halloween party Silver Rose Shoes in a specific way & earn 100.000 to 400.000 in a single try just by selling 1-5 pairs of shoes. Instead of selling a pair over & over individually & wasting time, you can apply this simple trick  & roll in cash after not more than 20 minutes max!!!
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