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In this guide we will explain how to have the highest hotness possible in It Girl, to showdown successfully, to beat rivals & for various other purposes.

Below is a checklist of items you should have & which can be put on to increase one's ultimate hotness.

The List of Items For the Ultimate Hotness:Edit

Number Name Hotness For Picture
1. Golden Goddess Wings 1150 Hotness BeachPartyOutdoorCasualHipClassyCasualNightlifeBlackTie
Star976 Imports
2. Golden Goddess Dress 1050 Hotness BeachPartyOutdoorCasualHipClassyCasualNightlifeBlackTie
Star977 Imports
3. Golden Goddess Shoes 600 Hotness BeachPartyOutdoorCasualHipClassyCasualNightlifeBlackTie
Star978 Imports
4. Golden Goddess Staff 500 Hotness BeachPartyOutdoorCasualHipClassyCasualNightlifeBlackTie
Star979 Imports
5. Golden Goddess Hair 700 Hotness BeachPartyOutdoorCasualHipClassyCasualNightlifeBlackTie
Star980 Imports
6. Garden Blue Diamond Ring 450 Hotness CasualHipClassyCasualNightlifeBlackTie
Star981 Imports

Miss LaShalle's Necklace +

Bracelet + Earrings + Sunglasses

Total: 4 * 123 (the max. hotness for jewelry) 

= 492 Hotness

See HERE the Jewelry Section
8. Miss LaShalle's Leggings 123 Hotness See HERE the Leggings Section

If you are a new player & have not reached the highest levels yet, here is a list of items you should aim to have the highest hotness:

Hair Style + Dress (Or Top + Either Pants, Skirt, Shorts) + Jacket + Leggins + Bag + Necklace + Earrings + Bracelet + Ring + Glasses + Bra + Lower Underwear + Scarf + Socks (or Stockings) + Leg Warmers + 2 TattoosEdit

Together it might not look pretty, but it sure does get the job done when you showdown. It goes without saying that each and every of the above items you put on must be the highest in your closet.

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