It is a known fact. Every time you break off with your current boyfriend there is a very real chance you might get that dreaded request to add more clique members. Not only does it take time to add more friends and connect in the game with them, but you miss a boyfriend you wanted at the party or anywhere else. That and adding anymore might be way above your ideal clique size.

While having a large clique has its definite benefits, sometimes one wishes to skip that request anyway. Here you can find 2 solutions to that issue.

Solution 1Edit

However, there is a way to get a boyfriend without having to satisfy his demands that you get more clique members. The way is simple: you should go to the Cruise's Single Mingle and get a boyfriend you like from there. Then you will be able to get a man without having to get new clique members at least for a while. However, you might need to refresh the single mingle for some time before you find the man you need. On the plus side, you can break up with a new man in Single Mingle for as many times as you wish, while you search for the one you need. But, technically speaking, a player need not guess and waste time. The following list will help you decide which boyfriend/s to pursue and collect clique requests for. 

Simplified Boyfriend Dating List

Solution 2Edit

For this solution to work, you need a boyfriend you want to date already available in the Dating Diary to flirt with. If not, send requests to your friends. 

  1. Break up with your current boyfriend if you have not done this already.
  2. Go to the Cruise's Single Mingle.
  3. While you in Single Mingle, open your Dating Diary.
  4. Find the desired man.
  5. Flirt with him. He will ask to be your boyfriend.
  6. Accept his request.
  7. Mission complete. 

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