Heavenly Heaights

Heavenly Heights is currently the last district in It Girl for now.

It is available starting from Level 139, however the "shops" unlock one at a time as you level up starting with Level 141. (You can visit Heavenly Heights at Level 139, but cannot get in to any of the stores until you reach Level 141.)

Instead of traditional shops, each shop is actually a room which contains 1 high hotness item. There is just one rack with said item. You will get bonus items for both finding and buying an item.


There are 5 items total. The cheapest costs around 100.000 and the most expensive one around 200.000 it girl cash. 

Heavenly Heights "Stores":Edit

How To Level Up Before and During to Heavenly Heights FastEdit

For the Guide click  HERE .

Interesting Facts About Heavenly HeightsEdit

Levels 139 145 Promotion

When Heavenly Heights were introduced, this is what the promotion looked like! :D

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