Funny, hilarious and just plain notable captures from our favorite game! X3

  • Yep. You read that right: Puppy! XD!
  • If a certain werewolf and half-vampire married, THAT is what their son would look like.
  • Exactly as the subtext says: "A nice guy, but..."
  • Some sociological studies show that men prefer women who are shorter than themselves, but THIS is waaaaaay too much.
  • *Error 404* *Clothes not found*
  • Not sure if a new uncategorized known hair style or just found Rihanna
  • Looks like the game is big on puns... XD!
  • A Dateless BF? Can NOT believe. XP!
  • Prince Charming? Ate a poison apple? Turned Tables! + hilarious how he is dating while in a coma.
  • Ah, and what an appropriately named man you are... XD! lol
  • Gay White Wizard..
  • High School Chemistry Teacher? Seriously? XD! All the more evidence he is a PERV! XP
  • Would you like some coffee with that eye-roll? XD!
  • Challenge text goes here. Challenge text goes here... xD It said I had four free flips, but when I went to the fashion flipper, I had zero.
  • Hallelluyah! It's raining men! :D
  • And The Worst Boyfriend Name of the Year Award goes to...
  • And the point of the quest was...?
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