What a Complete Fashion Flipper Looks Like

A Fashion Flipper is a weekly It Girl game in which one can win various prizes, including a diamong, xp, cash, 1 clothes item and energy/confidence bonuses.

You get a free flip when you complete a challenge which the game asks, for example, increase specific hotness, buy 7 jackets, 7 skirts, win 2 nightlife parties, search 12 stores which sell classy casual clothes, etc.

A Fashion Flipper consists of 4 x 4 grid and refreshes every week.

The grid contains:

5 Cash prizes

6 XP prizes

1 Diamond

1 Clothes item (usually changes every week)

1 Life Coach Whistle

1 Zing! Energy

1 Double Espresso Shot

In one week you can use only 7 daily flips & 6 flips by 3, totally 13 flips weekly.

USEFUL TIP 1: The flips that one wins one week can be carried onwards to the next week! They do NOT get lost when the flipper refreshes for the next week.

USEFUL TIP 2: If you wish to open ALL prizes in one week, try saving some flips for the next week from current week. You need to carry on at least 3 flips and complete both daily and weekly flips so that you can open all 16.

USEFUL TIP 3: If you go to the Cruise and Las Vegas, the Flipper icon disappears. However, if you undertake the challenge in any of these districts, you still get it counted. If you go to another district's shop, the icon reappears in the left side. So do not be alarmed. :)

Known Day Challenges:[edit | edit source]

  1. SHOPOHOLIC CHALLENGE - Buy 17 new garments of any kind;
  2. Kiss your boyfriend 2 times;
  3. OUTDOOR PARTY CHALLENGE - Win any two outdoor parties.
  4. -clothes category- STORE CHALLENGE - Completely search 2 stores that sell -clothes category- party chlotes

Known Week Challenges:[edit | edit source]

  1. GIVE 'EM HERE CHALLENGE - Accept any 20 gifts from your friends;
  2. CASUAL HIP SEARCH CHALLENGE - Completely search 12 stores that sell casual hip party clothes.
  3. MEGA CLOSET CHALLENGE - Increase your closet bonus by 15

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