Here one may find a list of features were present once upon a time, but were removed from the game.


  • Apparently, as of mid-June, you can only kiss your boyfriend every 8 hours instead of 4. 
  • You used to be able to compete against your rivals on the Rivals List from the My Life section with every log in, but as of early Fall 2013, you can only do this once a day, unless you battle them on the streets of the districts or at parties.
  • Fashion Flipper is no longer an icon on the right side of the screen as of Spring 2013.  When you achieve the challenge, a pop-up notifies you that you have won x number of flips and prompts you to go to the board from here.  If you decline, you cannot reach the board again unless you receive another Fashion Flipper pop-up.


  • The girls one could showdown with were once labeled according to hardness: Low, Medium, Hard. The Low category were the easiest to defeat in a showdown, while the Hard were the most difficult. However, the It Girl cash pay-offs were huge (and the highest) if one managed to beat a hard level girl.
  • When cars were introduced for the very first time, you had to refill them for It Girl cash after 2-3 parties if one wanted to use their extra power to win parties. These days, life got easier. 
  • Once upon a time, you could buy one bonus (?) for It Girl cash instead of FBC/diamonds.
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