• This is What a Complete Collection Looks Like and How One Can Receive the Reward Outfit.
Dating Diary is a simple feature where you can get specific boyfriends easily without having to search on the streets and at parties. Dating 5 boyfriends in a category will allow you to get an outfit for free! The same outfit costs 500 cash in It or Miss, if you decide to find and get it from other players.

It seems every single boyfriend in a given category line has unique gifts to offer! this means lots of new items to get, but it will take quite a lot of time.

It takes around 5 days to collect all 5 gifts from a given boyfriend. However, if one is aiming to receive the reward outfits only, one has to date a boyfriend for at least 4 hours for him to count. One player can receive a new outfit in less than a week usually.

Boyfriend gifts cannot be purchased in It or Miss from other players.

There are a total of 1350 items available if you date all 270 boyfriends!!!

Dating Diary Complete Collection of Outfits & Boyfriends:Edit

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