Confidence (Confidence Template Image) is one of the energy sources used in It girl. It is used for competing at parties. It regenerates over time, or you can use power-ups such as Thank-you Notes to help refill it. You can also call Clique members to help you refill it as well. It is used separately from Energy.

A player can increase their confidence level with confidence boosters (Thank You Note and a variety of other boosters). Boosters can also be sold for It Girl cash.

At the moment, the highest boost per clique member that you can receive, when you call them, is 68 for calling a player who has reached the highest level, i.e. level 145. This is the highest possible boost available. If any new districts will be added in It Girl and most likely the will be added, then this figure will rise. You can call 3 clique members daily; 4 if you bought an extra battery in your phone for FBC/diamonds,

To see the list of known Energy boosters, click HERE .

ScreenHunter 154 Jun. 24 23.23

This is what Confidence & Energy panels look like at the highest level 145. Max Confidence is 330. Max Energy is 50.

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