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The "Awards" section (fig. 1) is where you can see all the achievements you have already done and what you have to do next, by moving the arrow on a bow.

Here are five types of medals (or bows, how you want to call them):

  • The first one: the bronze medal (fig. 2)
  • The second one: the silver medal (fig. 3)
  • The third one: the gold medal (fig. 4)
  • The fourth one: the blue medal (fig. 5)
  • The fifth and the last one: the pink or the it girl medal (fig. 6)

Now, there are 11 awards you can win.

1) Monarch of the Masses (fig. 7)Edit

Monarch of the Masses pic

(figure 7)

What medals require:

Little Leaguer: Have 5 Clique Members.

Cool Crew Gal: Have 15 Clique Members.

Social Butterfly: Have 30 Clique Members.

Powerful Posse: Have 50 Clique Members.

Monarch of the Masses: Have 100 Clique Members.

2) Pampered Princess (fig. 8)Edit

Super Spoiled pic

(figure 8)

What medals require:

Semi-indulged: Get 5 Boyfriend Clothing Gifts.

Favor Taker: Get 15 Boyfriend Clothing Gifts.

Coddled Cutie: Get 30 Boyfriend Clothing Gifts.

Super Spoiled: Get 50 Boyfriend Clothing Gifts.

Parmpered Princess: Get 100 Boyfriend Clothing Gifts.

3) Queen of the Scene (fig. 9)Edit

Princess of Popularity pic

(figure 9)

What medals require:

Getting Noticed: Win 10 parties.

Turning Heads: Win 25 parties.

Party Animal: Win 100 parties.

Princess of Popularity: Win 250 parties.

Queen of the Scene: Win 500 parties.

4) Bountiful Beauty (fig. 10)Edit

Bountiful Beauty pic

(figure 10)

What medals require:

Humble Receiver: Get 10 Gifts From Friends.

Petite Gift Getter: Get 50 Gifts From Friends.

Award Accumulator: Get 100 Gifts From Friends.

Reward Reaper: Get 1000 Gifts From Friends.

Bountiful Beauty: Get 5000 Gifts From Friends.

5) Introducin' Guru (fig. 11)Edit

Getting the Word Out pic

(figure 11)

What medals require:

Dating Newbie: Introduce Your Boyfriend to Friends 5 Times.

Getting the Word Out: Introduce Your Boyfriend to Friends 25 Times.

Happy Heralder: Introduce Your Boyfriend to Friends 50 Times.

Acquaintance Ace: Introduce Your Boyfriend to Friends 100 Times.

Introducin' Guru: Introduce Your Boyfriend to Friends 500 Times.

6) Super Spender (fig. 12)Edit

Super Spender pic

(figure 12)

What medals require:

Little Spender: Spends 5,000 dollars.

Medium Spender: Spend 10,000 dollars.

Big Spender: Spend 20,000 dollars.

Mega Spender: Spend 50,000 dollars.

Super Spender: Spend 100,000 dollars.

Super Spender

7) A Team Annihilator (fig. 13)Edit

A Team Annihilator pic

(figure 13)

What medals require:

Mini Mean Girl: Win 10 Rival Battles.

Bulls-eye Betty: Win 50 Rival Battles.

Fashion Assassin: Win 100 Rival Battles.

Rival Ravanger: Win 500 Rival Battles.

A Team Annihilator: Win 1000 Rival Battles.

A Team Annihilator

8) Ego Pulverizer (fig. 14)Edit

Ego Pulverizer pic

(figure 14)

What medals require:

Sent Packing: Shame 10 opponents.

Lead Shamer: Shame 25 opponents.

Mean Streak: Shame 100 opponents.

Confidence Crusher: Shame 500 opponents.

Ego Pulverizer: Shame 1000 opponents.

Ego Pulverizer

9) Invincible Diva (fig. 15)Edit

Invincible Diva pic

(figure 15)

What medals require:

Top Style: Win 25 Battles.

Style Stunner: Win 100 Battles.

Battle Diva: Win 500 Battles.

Knock Out Queen: Win 1000 Battles.

Invincible Diva: Win 1500 Battles.

Invincible Diva

10) Empress of the Search (fig. 16)Edit

Empress of the Search pic

(figure 16)

What medals require:

Searching Newbie: Search 25 Racks

Garment Sleuth: Search 100 Racks

Expert Uncoverer: Search 500 Racks

Master Discoverer: Search 1000 Racks

Empress of the Search: Search 1500 Racks

Empress of the Search

11) Shopping Goddess (fig. 17)Edit

Shopping Goddess pic

(figure 17)

What medals require:

Pee-wee shopper: Buy 5 garments

Shopper Trainee: Buy 25 garments

Shopping Diva: Buy 100 garments

Shop-a-holic: Buy 500 garments

Shopping Goddess: Buy 1000 garments

Shopping Goddess

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